Too many cryptocurrency scams revealed

Too many cryptocurrency scams revealed – FBI unveils plan to fight the scam

The FBI has had more than enough – Due to recent ransomware incidents, the FBI has issued an alert warning economic operators. Among the most dangerous enemies is the Doppelpaymer group. This group is attacking both the public and private sectors.

An international evil that the FBI abhors

According to the latest FBI report, the DoppelPaymer group is linked to several ransomware attacks that have Bitcoin Formula disrupted essential services, such as police, in the US and other countries.

Among its latest attacks, DoppelPaymer :

  • Successfully compromised a 911 centre. Specifically, police and other officials were unable to access the computer system.
  • Infected the network of a German hospital, which was supposed to receive an already dying patient, who eventually died.

Noticed for the first time in 2019, DoppelPaymer would have been considered as a subsidiary of the multinational Evil Corp. Since then, the group has hit several high-ranking targets, such as the oil company Pemex and Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The ransoms demanded range from $25,000 to $1.2 million, payable in bitcoins, according to a report by security firm CrowdStrike.

5 axes to fight ransomware attacks

In view of the increasingly frequent attacks, the FBI wanted to act on 5 important aspects:

  • Ensuring that the Technological Organized Crime Monitoring Service focuses sufficiently on fentanyl and other opioids, in a manner „consistent with the priorities set by the Deputy Attorney General“ ;
  • Develop a coordinated FBI-wide approach that, at a minimum, clarifies responsibilities, collection of baseline data, development of investigative tools, and centralized and updated training ;
  • Ensure that the units coordinate their procedures;
  • Establish timelines for strategy development and feedback;

Resolve the problem of misinformation.

Despite the undeniable contributions that the internet has made to all our activities, unfortunately, there have also been some unhappy developments. Let’s hope that the FBI can find loopholes quickly enough to let the big companies and the players in the crypto-society flourish.